Women and girls in general tend to favour feminine designs when it comes to designs for womens tattoos especially as they are becoming more widely accepted in every day society. This is partly due to the large number of celebrities who now publicly show off their tattoos, many of which are featured in female tattoo galleries for others to emulate. These include many small, pretty designs incorporating flowers and butterflies as well as the ever popular Celtic design. Compared to mens tattoos, the female versions are lighter, brighter and less aggressive with finer lines although some women do opt for more masculine tattoos.

These days, more and more women are going for larger designs from modern day hearts, stars and rose designs to the ever popular tribal tattoo on the lower back area. Tattoo galleries for womens tattoos are also offering more and more choice as well as experimenting in bigger shapes and new designs. Many musicians get tattoos, particularly those in the hip hop industry, and often a particular design is much sought after as a result. However, many females still want to get their tattoo so that it is discretely tucked away most of the time so the stomach and lower back are obvious choices for a lot of them, while sexual placement can plays quite a large part in the decision for some.

Galleries often recommend the lower back and ankle, so it is no surprise that these areas are growing in popularity too. The lower back evokes a sense of ‘flashing’ as a women bends over so this is a very sexy place for womens tattoos. This gives the impression of seeing something one shouldn’t, very tempting from a male point of view! Ankle tattoos however are more subtle and these generally tend to be small designs. For shoulder tattoos, the left is traditionally the feminine side and these can be accentuated with a sexy vest or halter neck top during hotter weather.

At the end of the day, it is all about where and what makes you feel good and as this is a life long investment, it is best to ensure that your choice of design will have a lasting appeal. With so many reputable tattoo artists around these days, go for something individual and creative rather than a faddy design that will look shoddy or dated in a few years time. The choice of womens tattoos is phenomenal and with a multitude of striking and sexy designs to choose from, it is not difficult to find one that is both tasteful and classic that will still look great years from now. Take a look online for some of the fantastic designs available to help you find your perfect design.

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