Why not explore your sensuality with some of the coolest and sexiest ankle tattoos for women. These are not exactly a new trend, but more and more female tattoo enthusiasts in recent years are opting for this area for a number of reasons. This is partly because the width of the ankle makes it sexy to look at but the main reason is simply that you can cover it up with ease when necessary, so let’s look at some of the most popular designs around today.

Tattoos are a permanent fixture whether you like it on your skin or not but there can be occasions where it is inappropriate to display your artwork so choosing to get your design on you ankle is ideal. This means you can cover it with socks or shoes, particularly if this is required for your profession or you can put it on full display in a sleek pair of party sandals when you are going out on the town.

There are a great many ankle tattoos for women available from which to select the right design for you, whether you choose one that makes a statement about you or your beliefs or go for one that is of profound meaning to you. This could be an intricate flower design or the name of a loved one but whatever you opt for the main thing is that you will remain satisfied with your choice long

It is reasonably inexpensive to have a tattoo done on your ankle and most tattooists will have a portfolio of designs for you to choose from with an extensive range of prices to suit all budgets. Alternatively, you may have to save up a bit if you want something customized to make it of unique personal significance but the satisfaction of doing so will we well worth any extra money spent. Most ankle tattoos for women are fairly small so there is less work involved and the price will therefore reflect this, ranging from as little as $50 to $100 in most places. In addition, smaller tattoos take less time and should be finished in just one session in a matter of hours. However, one word of warning, the equipment and tools used in tattooing may conjure up images of pain.

The truth is this very much varies from one individual to another but in general any tattooing that is done on skin close to the bone will be more painful than that done on fleshier areas. Unfortunately the ankle has less tissue so there may be more pain having one there than say one on your arm so bare this in mind if you are worried about any pain factor. On the other hand if you want a sexy ankle tattoo remember it may be a case of no pain no gain but the end result will definitely make it worth while.

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