One of the sexiest parts of a woman is her back so how better to show off this very feminine attribute than with a tattoo. This is a massive canvas that is just crying out for creativity and artistic inspiration to make it look even better. Fortunately, back tattoos for women are very sexy and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs so you can carefully select the right one for you.

Let’s look at the options available in more details, starting with the exact location on your back that you would like the tattoo displayed. An ornate tattoo can look especially sexy on the upper or lower back and the shoulder areas. Any tattoo designs that cover the shoulder blades are ideal to emphasize sensuality and femininity. This also attracts the eye’s attention to the definition of the shapely female neck and shoulders. Symbols, images or words all work well here and Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is renowned for the one she has here which is a traditional Buddhist mantra in the Cambodian language of Khmer. Any tattoo in a foreign language is considered cool and this is one trend that has seen a vast increase in popularity worldwide, during recent years.

Twenty years ago, many women fell over themselves to get a lower back tattoo, a concept that is still very common today. A great tattoo in this area that trails out toward the waist can be very flattering for a woman’s curves. It also is ideal to show off in swimwear. However, if you opt for a tattoo higher up, this is more of a classic choice in back tattoos for women but the right design can add a different modern twist. The use of words in the tattooing industry is fairly new, so a word instead of an image really updates the old concept. The back is the largest area of the body, so your tattoo can be vast or tiny but without a doubt, the design choice is virtually limitless.

If you are considering a tattoo and where to locate it, you should seriously think about your back as this is both sexy and versatile. There are a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from featuring every image, symbol or content you could imagine.  It should have some personal significance to you that represents your personality perfectly. The right choice of back tattoo for women should be one that you are proud of as it will be there your entire life and make a statement about you to anyone who views it. So think carefully what your tattoo will say about you.

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