There are many natural elements that have proved popular in modern body art designs including animals, trees, flowers and leaves however one of the most versatile images of this kind has to be those used for an ivy tattoo. The ivy’s twisting vines and distinctive shaped trichome leaves have made it a favourite among many tattoo enthusiasts as it can easily be adapted into a more abstract design, such as those emulating the tribal artwork style or depicted in its natural form. ivy tattoo on ladies backThe latter often incorporate other related imagery such as flowers, butterflies and birds especially for larger designs on a wider skin surface like the thigh, ribs or back.

When it comes to selecting a body art design, some individuals are attracted to images for their aesthetic value while others are seeking imagery with some profound meaning behind them. Others however, like the ivy tattoo, actually cover both bases as this is a very popular design that can be used in many different ways for both vertical and horizontal skin surfaces as well as for popular bracelet-style designs that can be inked around an appendage like the wrist or foot. The ancient Celtic tribes people deemed the tenacious ivy plant to be a symbol of determination and spiritual growth while the Romans associated it with Bacchus the God of Wine, symbolising it with revelry and immortality.

Any body art design today that is created using words or letters instead of more traditional picture images is deemed to be bang on trend so if you opt for a tat of this kind depicted in a foreign language or script, then it will have even more kudos. Arabic tattoo on woman's sideAncient written languages like Hebrew, Hindu and Sanskrit are all popular however Arabic tattoos are also in wide demand. These are often fairly simplistic in style and many individuals opting for these will use a single word or even just their name, inked using Arabic lettering and placed on a small surface of skin or body part like the side of the hand or wrist.

There has been a rise in demand in recent years for body art designs created in a foreign language or script and this is in part due to the large number of celebrities who are now sporting designs of this kind. Angelina Jolie was one of the first to bring attention to Arabic tattoos with a design on her right forearm, which is the word al-‘azeema which translates as determined or strong willed. The singer Rihanna also has an Arabic text design on her waist however hers does not translate quite as well as she chose an English phrase which relates to her religious convictions and had it written using this script.

For anyone who is considering an unusual placement area for their next body art design, there are some body parts that provide the opportunity to incorporate certain features into the overall design. These include the naval where the belly button is used as the centre of an image such as the sun or a flower, or even the butt where the crack or hole is used to form part of an ass tattoo. tattoo on babes bumThe latter however is not in great demand due to the sensitivity of this area however many body art fans have both pictorial and text designs inked on the cheeks of their bottom, many of which are humorous in nature for obvious reasons!

There are certain body parts which are still fairly taboo when it comes to the tattooist’s needle and intimate areas like the genitals certainly come under this category as do ass tattoos which surely have to be one of the most excruciating areas to have inked. You may be wondering why anyone would put themselves through the pain of a tattoo in this very sensitive area and I have been advised that this is strictly for hardcore body art fans only. These are popular with those who also have body piercing in equally intimate areas and perhaps those who simply enjoy the kudos – no doubt among their equally unusual peers – of having a design tattooed in such a freaky location.

There are many popular bird images used in body art designs today however while most offer positive connotations associated with flight and freedom, there are also some that are chosen simply for their aesthetic value like a swan tattoo. Nicely designed swan tattooThis particular bird is flightless and is renowned for its grace and elegance, as well as its noble stature and regal connotations – the Queen of England owns all the swans in the country – and its distinctive long neck and pure white plumage make it a very distinctive body art image. Of course, there are also rarer black swans which also make a strong visual impact when tattooed on the human skin in its natural format or in the more abstract style of tribal art.

Bird and animal designs have been used in the art of tattooing for millennia by ancient civilizations and tribes around the world, due to their affinity with the natural world around them and designs of this kind are still immensely popular today. Some individuals are drawn to these images for artistic purposes while others are attracted to the symbolism they represent and the swan tattoo is a good example of the latter. The swan is a symbol for music – think ‘swan song’ or the ballet Swan Lake – but it also signifies good luck and was deemed to possess healing properties. In nature swans mate for life so it is also popular as body art designs for couples who want an image that represents their eternal love and devotion to each other.

There are many different styles of tribal artwork that are widely used in body art designs today and women’s Celtic tattoo designs are particularly popular. These originate from the ancient civilisation known as the Celts who lived in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, millennia ago. Celtic tattoo of butterfly for womenThey were renowned for their artistic designs which have proved to be popular throughout the centuries for use in everything from architecture, and jewellery to body art designs. These consist of intricately woven lines and spiral patterns infinitely placed to represent the never ending cycle of life and among the most popular images used in this way are female favourites like the sun, butterfly, heart and cross as well as abstract pieces ranging from knots to shield designs.

Tribal artwork is one of the most popular designs used in the modern world of tattooing and these have become a firm favourite with both male and female tattoo enthusiasts. The most widely requested designs include those used for celtic tattoos for women whether using popular images from the natural world like birds, animals and insects like the butterfly or more spiritual designs such as the Celtic cross. This is similar in shape to the traditional Latin cross associated with Christianity however it differs in that there is a circle placed at its intersection which is deemed to symbolise the circle of life and the eternal cycle of the seasons.

More and more female body art fans are opting to adorn vast surfaces of their skin in elaborate and intricately detailed, multi-colored and monochrome kink body tattoos for women. These include designs such as floral imagery, in different shapes, sizes and colors, using classic flowers like the rose and lily as well as more exotic blooms like the hibiscus or orchid. Back body tattoo designOriental favourites like the peony and cherry blossom are also in wide demand and these are often incorporated with related imagery such as written designs featuring Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji. Other Asian imagery like colourful koi fish and the legendary dragon are also greatly favoured by women all over the world, from all walks of life.

There are a great many different placement areas to choose from for female tattoo enthusiasts today as body tattoo art for women has become more and more popular. These include small to medium stand alone images as well as floral and tribal pieces in both horizontal and vertical designs for specific areas like the stomach, lower back and ribs however there are also intensely detailed tattoos that extend across entire skin surfaces and onto different body parts like the arms, shoulders, chest and back. These are often vibrantly colored designs that make a bold impact when inked on the female body that resemble a work of art using the human skin as the artist’s canvas.

There are many body art designs available today that follow a cultural theme and these are popular with those who want a tattoo that reflects their ancestral heritage and expresses some personal attribute relating to the individual. Those of Celtic origins, may be drawn to designs for Irish tattoos for women of which there are many in a multitude of different shapes, styles and sizes to suit all tastes and preferences however the lucky shamrock has to be one of the most popular images of all for a variety of different reasons. Irish tattoos for womenThis is a very distinctive image that is synonymous with Ireland and its culture that makes a strong visual impact whether illustrated as a small stand alone design or incorporated into a larger more elaborate tattoo.

The symbolic shamrock has proved to be a popular choice among female tattoo enthusiasts seeking body art that represents their country of birth, however there are many other images that can also be used for Irish tattoo designs for women. These include the spiritual Celtic cross, the beautiful claddagh design and the mischievous leprechaun, all of which offer connotations of the Emerald Isle and the Irish nation on the whole. If you want a cute design that is humorous rather than meaningful then the latter is an obvious choice however if you prefer an image with more profound symbolism then the claddagh would be my personal favourite with its distinctive two hands holding a heart with a crown on top.

While birds of prey like the hawk and eagle are particularly favored there are other body art designs such as owl tattoos for women which are less common but equally symbolic. This sacred bird has been associated with all things nocturnal and in ancient times it was deemed to be the ruler of the night and seer of lost souls. Beautiful owl tattoo on ladies chestIn ancient Egypt it was the guardian of the underworld and to the Celts and Hindis it was believed to protect their dead. It was also the symbol of Athena, the Greek Goddess of leaning so body art designs of this kind are synonymous with intellect and wisdom too.

There are many images that are widely requested for body art designs today including a multitude of different animals and birds. Among the most popular are designs for owl tattoos as this is highly symbolic and offers a variety of different meanings, most of which have very positive connotations. These include wisdom, mystery, protection, intellect and secrets as well as spiritual symbolism relating to transition and all things mystical. Native American Indian tribes also revered this bird in part due to its ability to see in the dark and considered it to be the keeper of sacred knowledge as well as having the gift of foresight.

When it comes to body art in our modern society, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and this is reflected in our individual choice when we select the design that appeals to us. There are many beautiful tattoos for women whatever your individual tastes, however regardless of what other people think, it is essential that you personally love your chosen design as this is going to be with you permanently. Cool wolf tattoo on ladies backIf you are confident in your choice and happy to display it at every given opportunity then this will be obvious to anyone else who sees it and this in itself will certainly add kudos to the overall design, whatever it may be.

There are some women who prefer dark monochrome body art designs and others, like myself, who prefer multi-colored designs in all the colors of the rainbow however when it comes to beautiful tattoo designs for women, sometimes simplistic images can be just as effective as more elaborate versions. Whatever your choice, one of the most important factors to consider is to found a good tattooist who not only has the relevant skills and experience but who also has the relevant artistic talent. In this respect it is definitely worth shopping around and comparing the artwork of different tattooists before you decide which one is best for you as it is amazing how a commonly used image like the butterfly can vary considerably in shape, size and colors from one artist to the other.

Celestial bodies from the natural world around us have been used in body art design since the dawn of time and today the images of the sun, moon and stars are among the most widely requested designs around. These include many designs for sun tattoos for women that can be depicted in a variety of different shapes, styles and sizes in plain or multi-colored ink collaborations. Very clever and simple sun tattoo designThe tribal sun has proved to be a firm favourite with many as these tend to be edgier than some of their more vibrantly colored counterparts so these are ideal for a girl with a lot of attitude who wants to avoid a more traditionally feminine adaptations of this image.

Female body art fans tend to put more thought and attention into their choice than men do as they seem to prefer images that appeal for both visual and symbolic purposes. These include sun tattoo art for women, which not only look good when inked on a woman’s body but are also rich in profound meaning, the origins of which can be traced back millennia. Ancient civilisations considered this sacred solar symbol as the source of all life and it has been revered and worshipped all over the world for centuries. The sun is deemed to represent truth and light, birth and fertility but is also associated with positive attributes such as vigor, vitality, power, force and energy.

In our modern world of chaos and uncertainty, more and more people seem to be relying on their faith to get them through these difficult times and this is apparent in the rise in popularity of Christian tattoos for women. These include trendy text designs using inspirational quotes to guide and comfort the individual, which also serve as a permanent reminder of their religious beliefs and devotion to God. Cross Christian tattoo design for womenThere are also many pictorial images featuring iconic religious symbols like the latin cross, praying hands and Jesus fish. Some may even opt to combine the two by incorporating the numerical reference of their favourite biblical book and verse within the overall design.

The bible has long been a source of both comfort and inspiration to men and women all over the world, so it is not surprising that it has also greatly influenced many body art designs in our modern society including many Christian tattoo art for women. There are now many written designs that consist of biblical verses, quotes and references that can be inked solely in writing or embellished with related picture images like the dove or lily for more elaborate creations. These range from simplistic quotes like that taken from the Psalms 119:105: Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path to more detailed designs for larger skin surfaces that can contain full verses from the scriptures.

Different trees have differing meanings from culture to culture and many of these have been incorporated into the symbolism of modern body art designs such as those used for tree tattoos for women. In brief, many of these designs represent the roots of humanity and in this respect a lot of body art following this theme shows this lower section of the tree in as much detail as the trunk and branches of the upper section. Lovely tree tattoo designThese are often depicted in dark monochrome ink and range from more simplistic silhouette designs to more intricately detailed versions that incorporate different ink colors into the overall design and are suitable for small, medium and large skin surfaces.

Many of the images used in modern body art designs are derived from the natural world around us and these have been used in tattooing rituals for millennia. These include tree tattoo ideas for women, which are a highly symbolic and often spiritual choice rather than an aesthetic one. After all, trees are essential to the survival of all human life on earth as they convert the carbon monoxide in the air so we can breathe and provides us with fruit to nourish our bodies. Its branches provide us with shelter from the elements and can also be used build fires to keep us warm or wood to construct dwellings for us to live in.

The last decade has seen a considerable shift in the preferences of female body art fans that has seen many women bypass more traditional smaller tattoos discretely placed in more subtle locations and opt for larger, more prominent designs and placements instead. Pretty star tattoo on girls forearmAs a result there are now many designs for forearm tattoos for women, a location that was previously favoured more by their male counterparts. From edgy tribal artwork imagery to shooting stars and musical notes or trendy text designs, there are a multitude of tattoos to choose from whether you want to reflect a bit of attitude or enhance your feminine side with more traditionally girly favourites like the flower or butterfly.

There has been a significant rise in demand among female tattoo enthusiasts in recent years for designs placed in more prominent positions, such as forearm tattoos for women. If this placement area appeals to you then you may one to consider becoming part of what is proving to be one of the biggest trends of the moment, with an ultra cool text tattoo. These are written designs which use words and lettering in place of more traditionally requested pictorial images and there are many different styles and options available. From inspirational words and quotes to song lyrics and foreign script designs, these can be inked in small, medium and large lettering, in both vertical and horizontal positions.

The bottom, central area of the back has long been a favored area among female tattoo enthusiasts and these lower back tattoos for women were among the first designs to come to prominence in the nineties when the trend for body art first began to grow. Ladies lower back tattoo of heart and wingsDesigns nowadays have changed considerably and there are a variety of different shapes, sizes and colored images that look cool when inked on this placement area. From shooting stars and multiple butterflies to floral imagery and angel wings, there are so many different designs to choose from whatever your tastes and regardless of whether you want your tat too look cute, sexy or just beautiful.

Many female body art fans have long felt the allure of designs placed on the lower back so there are a multitude of designs suitable for use in lower back tattoos for women today. From cartoon characters like Little Kitty to fantasy beings like the fairy or dragon, as well as every bird and animal known to man, most of these images can be adapted for placement on this popular body part. Tribal artwork and contemporary written designs are also favored for horizontal placement across this area, in a central location or elongating all the way across from one side to the other. These are equally easy to cover up or show off at will, so this is an additional advantage for body art in this placement area.

Great hand tattoo for ladies flower styleThere are certain body parts that are more difficult to maintain than others when it comes to body art designs so if you are considering hand tattoos for women, then you should be aware of several important factors before you proceed.

Body art designs placed in this area do not offer the same longevity as those inked on other arts of the body as this particular area is more exposed to the elements such as sunshine which can cause your chosen image to face fairly quickly. As a result these hand tattoos often need touching up every year or two however the healing process may take longer too due to constant motion of the hands in addition to everyday actions like washing, rubbing or sweating.

There are certain female body art designs that are more than just a cool and trendy fashion accessory as images placed in certain areas can actually enhance and accentuate a woman’s body and this includes ankle tattoos for women. It is amazing how these designs can really affect the look of the entire legs so it is hardly surprising that these have proved to be one of the most popular feminine body art designs requested in recent years. Womens ankle tattoo ofrosaryWhether you are strutting your stuff in high heels or pretty ballet pumps, you won’t fail to attract attention to this area, for all the right reasons with a cool and sexy ankle tat.

There are a wide range of popular feminine images that are popular among the fairer sex when it comes to body art designs today and ankle tattoos for women are no exception. Whether you want a more elaborate shooting star design emanating from the ankle and down onto your foot or a stand alone image like a butterfly, fairy or flower, there are many different shapes and styles of design for this area. There are even designs that can be inked around the ankle for a bracelet-style effect using natural imagery like vines, leaves and flowers as well as those that emulate jewelry like a charm bracelet or even rosary beads and also more edgy tribal designs in plain monochrome ink for those who prefer a design that expresses a bit of attitude.

Female body art enthusiasts are now seeking bigger and bolder designs than ever before on more conspicuous body parts where they can be displayed with pride at any given moment. Dragon design tattoo on ladies shoulderThese include shoulder tattoos for women which are no longer tiny stand alone images strategically placed on that particular area and are now more likely to cover a larger surface of skin, perhaps even extending onto additional body parts. There are some beautiful floral designs in bright, vibrant ink colors featuring clusters of different shaped and sized flowers that not only cover the shoulder itself but also extend further down the arm or onto the top of the back.

There are many pretty girly images that are widely used for women’s body art designs today however if you prefer less feminine artwork and want an edgy design that conveys attitude then there are some cool tribal designs that are more masculine in appearance. These have proved to be popular for larger, more elaborate shoulder tattoos for women, covering the bulk of the skin surface on and around this area in dark monochrome ink patterns. Designs of this nature tend to be more abstract in style however quite often the seemingly random shapes and patterns viewed from a distance are actually concisely positioned to form a perfect symmetry under closer inspection.

There are many who have tattoos done who claim it did not hurt and while there may be a certain amount of machismo involved in this, the truth of the matter is that some placement areas really do hurt more than others. Therefore if you are looking at foot tattoos for women, you may want to know that this is actually one of the more painful areas to have inked as the surface of the feet only offer a very thin layer of skin to protect the bony area beneath. Nice floral design for a foot tattooHowever, don’t let this put you off as avoiding the outer edges and areas close to the sole of the feet will help you steer clear of the most sensitive area and any pain felt elsewhere will only last a few seconds and be much more bearable.

The feet have proved to be a popular placement area for many female body art fans in recent years and there are many different reasons for this aside from the obvious aesthetic qualities. There are many differing shapes and sizes of foot tattoos for women whether you want to use a single stand alone image placed on a small art of this appendage or what a medium design that covers most of the upper skin surface from toes to ankles. If you prefer more discrete body art, then you may even opt to have a design inked along the bottom edge of your foot so it will be rarely seen unless you choose to display it with bare feet or flip flops or show it off if desired.

The rise in demand for faith themed body art images seems to have grown considerably throughout the 21st Century, perhaps as a sign of our current troubled times, and angel tattoos for women are certainly among the most popular. These are not just favored by those who want body art that reflects their religious beliefs but also by those who want to express a more spiritual side to their nature as well as those who simply select this image for its beautiful aesthetic value. Cool guardian angel tattoo on women's sideThese images can be illustrated in both male and female depictions, whose appearance can be either youthful or ancient, and these celestial beings can even be transformed into body art using a loved one’s face for a more personal touch.

Angels are deemed to be God’s messengers, who provide a connection between the heavenly realms with our earthly world so it is not surprising that angel tattoos for women are immensely popular with female body art fans in particular. These are very beautiful images that are rich in symbolism whether your beliefs are theological or more guided by spiritual philosophies, and they are suitable for placement on a variety of different locations in a manner of differing shapes, styles and sizes. To many wearers, body art designs using this angelic image offer connotations of guidance and protection in the same respect as a Guardian Angel but cherubs (baby angels) and Archangels are also widely requested for these designs too.

Despite the controversy that his been debated over the years, faith themed body art featuring iconic Christian images have proved to be immensely popular in recent times and cross tattoos for women are no exception. Pretty cross tattoo on girls sideThe Latin Cross in particular is ideal for those who want a very basic design that expresses their beliefs and pays homage to their religion in a very modest manner. These are greatly favored by young women in particular for discrete placement on the wrist or side of the hand, often just below the base of the thumb and from an aesthetic point of view these smaller designs are often as effective in their simplicity as their more elaborate and larger counterparts.

The ongoing demand for body art featuring tribal artwork shows no sign of ceasing and this is not only a very popular style but also a very versatile one as it can be used to transform many different images whether they are natural, fantasy or religious in context. This has proved to be a favorite design used in many cross tattoos for women, by those who want a more abstract or gothic take on this iconic theological symbol however there are many other designs that follow this theme in a variety of different depictions. Another favorite are designs that depict the cross hanging from rosary beads and these are popular for inking around the ankle and foot as well as the neck and wrist areas.

There are certain body art images that have predominantly been more popular with either one sex or the other and these include masculine fire-breathing creatures like the mythical dragon however recent times have seen a demand for dragon tattoos for women too. Great dragon tattoo design for a womanThese may be more feminine than their male counterparts and may involve female dragons with fluttering eyelashes and wearing lipstick but cartoon-style characters are also popular in girly colors like pink or purple in contrast to more traditional western depictions in red or green. This particular image offers positive connotations of magical powers and good fortune, but also make a strong visual impact too when inked on the female torso.

The mythical dragon has formed part of the folklore and legends of cultures around the world for centuries and it is a potent symbol of power, strength, magic and good fortune that has popular with both male and female tattoo enthusiasts in recent times. These can be depicted in a variety of different styles for dragon tattoos for women in particular are a very versatile design that can be adapted to suit differing tastes and purposes. These can be illustrated in softer, girly styles in vibrant multi-colored inks or as bolder, masculine designs, in a single dark monochrome ink for those who want their chosen design with a bit of edge to express a lot of attitude.

One of the most popular placement areas for female tattoo enthusiasts has to be around the mid-rift, close to the navel as this is an ideal location for both displaying and concealing a body art image as required. Designs in stomach tattoos for women may involve a single stand along image inked close to the belly button or even incorporating the navel itself into the actual design and there are also many that encompass this area in a ring or circle. Womens stomach tattoo that is quite intriguingThere are also tattoos for this location may run horizontally right across the stomach from one side to the other as well as vertical designs for placement on one side of the stomach only.

There are certain placement areas for body art design, that require careful consideration before one begins the tattooing procedure to ensure your design will have longevity and still look good in years to come. These include stomach tattoos for women as this particular area of skin is more likely to change over the years than that on other body parts as it will be prone to stretching and sagging as you grow older. This can be affected by everything from weight loss or gain to pregnancy so it is necessary to think twice about these factors before proceeding as your design could end up distorted to such an extent that it is unrecognizable to the image inked on your previous flat tummy.

There has been a rise in demand in recent years among female body art fans for bigger, bolder designs in more prominent placement designs, much on par with their male counterparts, however there are still those who refer smaller, more subtle images too. These small tattoos for women are ideal for placement on more intimate parts of the body where they can be tucked away out of sight much of the time if desired however these are also proving popular on more prominent areas for those who like their tats more discrete.

Sometimes your job can also be an issue and having a smaller type tat is the answer. One that you can hide away and only display on certain events can be quite useful, especially when colleagues or other folk that you know have never seen that hidden tattoo on your shoulder for example. The other thing about a smaller tattoo is that you can place them in real sensual places on your body for only those real sexy exposure moments. A lady with a concealed tattoo under her bikini line can really get her partner hot and flustered! Ok enough said on the sexy aspect of small tattoos. Bottom line is that many times a bigger tattoo is not what many are after and one that is concealable can often have even more impact on your friends or partner.

Body art displayed on prominent placement areas used to be greatly frowned upon and believe it or not even female tattoos were treated with some stigma up until the latter part of the 20th Century. In modern times tattooing has gone so completely main stream, that there are now as many female fans as male ones, who are seeking designs on more prominent body parts. As a result, the demand for neck tattoos for women has gone through the roof and this is now deemed to be one of the most sensual and sexiest areas that a girl can display body art. The nape of the neck in particular is ideal as it is just as easy to display a design here as it is to conceal it with longer hair or clothing.

Real popular designs for the neck include butterflies, flowers, stars, hearts and even dragons. Having said that, there is absolutely no limitation to what can be tattooed on ones neck. One thing for sure though is that guys are definitely attracted to a women having a neck tattoo. Showing or concealed that is. Often a concealed tattoo can be an extreme turn on for those sensual moments when your partner is least expecting it to find a beautiful luring tattoo under your hair. Getting a tattoo behind your ear can be just as fun. From the front perspective people wouldn’t know you even had a tattoo, but get close enough behind and suddenly there is a trendy side to you that people didn’t know you had.

Many female tattoo enthusiasts are still drawn to girly images that reflect our womanly attributes despite the rise in demand in recent years for what used to be predominantly male-favored images and designs. These include beautiful designs featuring natural images like flowers and butterflies as well as magical beings like those used for fairy tattoos for women, a popular choice for many who wish to evoke childhood memories of magical times when we still believed in fairy tales and happy endings. Sporting a design of this kind shows a romantic individual who has not given up on her dreams and therefore this particular image serves as a reminder that we should never stop believing and continue searching for our fairy tale ending.

It’s not often that one will see a huge body piece as just a fairy gone solo. If the tattoo is relatively large it’s generally because it has flowers or some other form alongside accompanying the fairy. In general fairy tattoos are on the medium to small side of the scale in terms of size, but in no way does this take anything away from their magic. One great thing about fairies is the possibility to really use your imagination to its fullest in both the arty side of things as well as the colors. You can really go to town with beautiful bright colors and incorporate some great contrasts if mixing it up with other designs. Some of the most impressive body arts I’ve seen are fairy designs. So ladies – get a fairy tattoo and keep the magic rolling!