Since Neolithic times, the art of tattooing has been used to mark humans or identify animals and has gradually evolved into decorative body art to modify our appearance. Among the most sought after designs today, Celtic tattoos for women are definitely a popular trend that continues to grow in modern society. These designs work well on smaller body parts and also look great at a distance.

The basic design consists of twisted knots and turns in bold patterns usually depicted with differing shades of black, white and gray. These are great designs that are perfect for women as they involve an intrinsic mix of dimensions and images. Traditional celtic crosses and knots feature prominently in many tattoo shop galleries but there is an abundance of styles and designs from which to make your selection. Let’s look at some of these designs available.

The love knot tattoo is a popular choice in Celtic tattoos for women as the hearts and curves as suggested in the name appeals to their romantic nature. These designs also indicate knowledge of mathematical fields such as geometry. Another design with romantic links is the tree of life. In ancient times this was believed by many to be the centre of love but modern technology has transformed this further to signify balance, solidarity, life and harmony.

The ancient Celts also loved spiral patterns which entailed an elaborate design of different curves and infinite patterns. This is a much more complex design in comparison to the tree of life and these complicated tattoos were designed to symbolize the individual’s spiritual journey in life. Celtic people believed that life had three stages – birth, death and rebirth – and this is the reason spiral designs are done in sets of three. Step pattern designs are similar to spirals but there is an angle in these particular Celtic tattoos to follow each turn. These elaborate designs have been compared to puzzles or mazes as the pattern starts on the external part of the tattoo running into the center to signify the true spiritual journey that never ends.

Regardless of what Celtic tattoos for women may appeal to you, remember that your chosen design will be there forever so make sure you choose wisely. Enjoy the planning involved before committing to your final design as a great tattoo that is done well by a professional artist is well worth having.

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