One of the coolest tattoos that has long stood the test of time has got to be the chest tattoo. Thanks to the advancement in modern technologies the colors of ink and the designs available are mainly responsible for the rise in popularity of chest tattoos for women so if you have been considering one, this is definitely the right time. If you are short of ideas for your chosen design this may put you off proceeding. Many people know where they want their tattoo and have already decided what sort they want but actually finding a design that covers what you have in mind may be more difficult. In fact this can be totally frustrating so the best way to go about it is to gather a load of ideas that are similar to what you want then consult a good tattoo artist to help you put them together. They will listen to your ideas and advice you on what will work best for you so it is worth combining your resources to perfect your design into the ideal tattoo that suit you.

It is also important to choose a design shape that is a good fit for the chosen location. Large chest tattoos for women tend to cover the area under the collar bone and run across the upper chest, so a design of this nature will take some time to create and you need to ensure it will match the space available. Any large rectangular shapes with a v-shaped concave will work well here. As this is such a traditional area to sport a tattoo, it is worth considering a classic design as these always look good so why not take something traditional like the heart, swallow, anchor or banner designs and bring it up to date with some modern ink colors or funky text. Having a good discussion in advance with your tattooist will help you create a design that you will adore.

Before proceeding with a tattoo on your chest, it is worth taking into consideration any factors that may restrict you showing off your body art. In some professional settings it is not appropriate to have tattoos on display so it is worth thinking about this in advance before deciding on the placement of your tattoo. If you work in a job that requires more discretion, you should look at an area that can be covered up when necessary or opt for a smaller less prominent design, lower down on the chest. You may also want to consider the cost involved as larger intricate tattoos will require more money than simpler designs.

On the whole, chest tattoos for women are definitely increasing in popularity and there is a rapidly growing demand for tattoos from females in general. As a result of this resurgence, there is an abundance of new styles and bold designs now available. However it is best to take your time with the process by choosing designs and ideas you like initially then locating a tattoo artist you can easily work with to turn your design into a reality.

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