In the Bible’s book of Leviticus there is a passage that states God prohibits ‘cuttings in the flesh’ so some people today still think Christian tattoos for women are wrong. However, most modern day scholars believe this was solely aimed at pagan practices at that time and was not actually intended for God’s followers. Paganism used tattooing in this way to carve images of their icons into their flesh during funeral rites.

In this respect, most of our modern society accept tattooing among Christians if it is done as an expression of faith rather than to gain favor from another, idol or otherwise. In the new testament, Jesus makes no mention of tattooing so this idea of prohibiting the art seems to have bypassed later biblical scriptures. Today, Christian tattoos for women are used by females both young and old to publicly state their beliefs, as a celebration of their faith. These designs could include iconic images of Christ himself, praying hands, a cross, an angel or even the holy grail. Jesus fish symbols have also grown in popularity in recent years particularly among the younger generations.

One of the most universally recognized symbols if of course the Christian cross and there are some really amazing designs featuring this image. While some may go as far as to portray Jesus on the cross, many others are less elaborate designs that make a strong impact for their simplicity alone. Other images following a similar theme may also be used in conjunction with the cross to form part of a larger design. These could include a crown of thorns above or around the cross, a verse from the bible beside it or even a cross set on a background of flames, surrounded by darker elements like spikes and nails. Fortunately there are some really skilled tattoo artists working in the industry who have the talent to bring even the simplest designs to life. I have seen some creations where the wood of the cross is so realistic you can almost feel the wood grain effect.

The butterfly symbolizes Christ’s resurrection and as butterflies have always had close connotations with rebirth in any tattoo design, these look quite beautiful and are also highly symbolic when used in Christian tattoos for women. These could be used with a cross, either the traditional Christian version or one of the modern day more spiritual equivalents like the Celtic cross. While many today do not consider this to be a Christian symbol it is still a very beautiful image that is perfect for a tattoo design. Regardless of what particular symbol you choose to represent your faith, the most important aspect is that it appeals to you and is of deep personal significance for you as an individual.