One of the most popular choices of tattoos among women is the cross design. This appeals to those who are religious but also to tattoo enthusiasts as a whole.  These cross tattoos for women, symbolize Christianity as well as being one of the most internationally recognized symbols overall. However, there are various different cross designs all of which have their own history and unique look therefore it is down to the individual to select a design of their preference that best reflects their beliefs and personality. They are also a popular choice for women who wish to proclaim their Christian faith in God.

While these may be popular choices for significant reasons other women may be attracted to the visual elements in certain designs.  While there have been various differing kinds of Christian crosses throughout the ages, there are some designs that even predate Christianity but each has its own unique style and they are all beautiful in their own right.  There are other cross tattoo designs for women that are also popular, not just for those who want a simple design representing their religious beliefs, and the elaborately designed Celtic cross is also a common choice. The iron cross and the Egyptian or tribal versions are also popular with those who are less religiously minded. Celtic designs are intricate in detail with the trademark Celtic knots intertwined in a widely recognized pattern – the Celtic cross intersected with a ring – and look fabulous on a women’s back. The iron cross has grown more popular in recent year and has military connotations of bravery and courage. It was a distributed as a medal to honor German soldiers during the second world war.

Another cross design that predates the Christian version is the Egyptian Ankh, which is considered to be very cool in the modern world of tattooing. This pre-Christian design is aesthetically pleasing and is quite unique in comparison to other cross tattoos for women. The top of the cross has a loop that represents the symbol of life and these Egyptian cross tattoos look fabulous on a woman, particularly on the back of her neck, the ankle, arms or anywhere on her back. This is without a doubt one of the most popular designs chosen by women today.

Another popular favorite is the tribal version, as this portrays a sense of belonging to a tribe or community and helps the individual express this with a significant statement tattoo. This is also quite unique in design and can be personalized as a tattoo for the individual by incorporating other feminine images such as hearts and flowers. Those who are more spiritually minded tend to go for a Celtic or Tribal cross as opposed to the traditional Christian one more commonly associated with religion. Luckily there are many cross tattoos for women to make their selection from whatever their beliefs or reasons for doing so. Whatever your choice, this is one tattoo design that will definitely make you stand out among your peers.

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