For anyone who has never been tattooed before, the first one can de somewhat daunting so perhaps that is why cute tattoos for women are ideal. Women tend to go for images that are generally cute and pretty in both simplistic and more intricate designs. These also work well on body parts like the wrist, ankle and foot and while some hardcore tattoo enthusiasts may consider this a boring choice, this does not have to be the case. If you choose the right design, it can be both colorful and unique, plus you can add to the original design and extend it at a later date as required.

With tattoos continuing to rise in popularity, there are an abundance of designs available from which to make your selection however choosing the right piece of body art for you can be overwhelming. Remember, this design is going to be a permanent part of you so you want to make sure it is the right one for you and not one you will regret afterwards. The expense involved in the painful procedure of having your tattoo removed is not really an option you want so here are some of the favorite designs in cute tattoos for women today to help you get it right.

The trend for tribal designs continues to be very hot and these are both sexy and creative images that are highly symbolic and make bold eye catching body art too. These come in a variety of colors and designs including animal, flower and Celtic images in complex intertwining patterns. This can be a medium to large image on the arm or shoulder or a smaller more discrete symbol on the ankle or wrist and are guaranteed to accentuate your sex appeal whatever body part you choose.

Floral designs always look beautiful as a tattoo image and the rose has always been a popular choice. These look visually stunning in vibrant colors or as a black or dark grey silhouette design too. This classic flower is popular for its timeless beauty as well as its symbolism and is an ideal choice for a woman’s first tattoo perhaps on the foot, ankle or wrist.

Another design that has long been a favorite with women is the butterfly perhaps due to its lighthearted, delicate characteristics and soft beauty that are similar to many female traits. This is also rich in symbolism meaning rebirth, transformation, a new life, beauty and happiness. It also makes a pretty and colorful tattoo design with its multi-colored wings and detailed features that looks very sexy on a woman’s skin. These are also very versatile designs that are easily customized to suit the individual’s preference and tastes.

Stars have always been popular with women too and there is something very sexy about this image whether inked as a single star or a group of stats. These symbolize success, accomplishment, success, fate and destiny and designs include nautical and shooting star images as well as moon and star designs.

However, when it comes to cute tattoos for women, love and romance are never too far away and one of the most globally recognized symbols for this has to be the heart. These are pretty and colorful images that make sexy body art but also allow a woman to express her love in an artistic and creative way, which is truly personal to her as an individual.