There is one image that is in great demand within the tattooing industry and that is the mighty dragon. Not only does this creature look amazing but it is high in symbolism too so it is unsurprising that dragon tattoos for women have increased in popularity so much. There are five commonly sought designs so let’s look at each in more detail.

While half and whole sleeve tattoos are popular with the guys, now girls are also getting a taste for these and the dragon can often be found in these designs particularly on the upper arm. This is due to the dragon’s distinctive shape which looks great particularly if it is winding around the upper arm with its neck extending onto the chest area. Some designs even have a snarling dragon’s head ending just above the nipple for dramatic effect. This works in plain black ink but red and green colors look great too.

Many dragon tattoos have an oriental design to them as these were the original designs and were elaborate creations predominantly done in black. In ancient times, dragons were first drawn using a very fine paintbrush to create intricate detail which showed every single scale and modern tattoo designs often pay homage to this. Circular designs with two dragon s facing each other head to head are popular too, particularly on the upper arm too.

Some designs in dragon tattoos for women are more feminine than others and the baby dragon is a very popular choice. This is completely different from the standard oriental design as it looks more cute than fierce and tends to be in bright colors like green and blue. These are often more like cartoon characters in appearance.

Another very popular dragon is the Welsh version which comes in two different types. The classic Welsh dragon stands with one paw raised and looks from side to side while other depictions are more traditional and come in various stances. All tend to be red and black, which shows without doubt it’s a Welsh dragon.

Many females now going for dragon tattoos for women in particular more feminine versions of what used to be a very manly choice. And why not, because the dragon looks just as great on the fairer sex wherever a woman chooses to place it. In fact, women probably have more versatility as to where this design will look best especially if they want it extending over other body parts like the belly down to the pelvic area or from the neck going down and around the side or back. These also work well on the side area of the thigh. Modern interpretation often gives the dragon a fearful reputation but Oriental mythology actually revered this good natures creature for its beauty and intelligence.

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