Folklore in many countries features the magical beings we all know and love – fairies. These are supernatural, ethereal beings with wings, which live out of the sight of humans among natural elements like woodland or forest. One of the best known examples of a fairy has to be Tinker Bell from the universally loved story of Peter Pan. However, while many people just don’t believe in the existence of these mythical creatures there are those who choose to bring them to life by using their image in fairy tattoos for women. That is perhaps why these are now one of the hottest trends in female tattoo designs this century.

While stars and flowers are still extremely popular, more and more girls want something that is rarer when selecting their choice of tattoo design. With the former, it is getting more and more difficult to find and floral or star design that has not been overused already and in fact it is actually almost impossible to find one that is unique. It is therefore important to find an individual design that you will always feel proud of regardless of current trends and fashion fads. That is why fairy tattoos for women are a great idea. They are universally loved by everyone and there is an abundance of different designs available so you are sure to find one that suits you perfectly. These can be very simplistic in style or intricately detailed in a variety of colors if preferred but most designs of this nature look pretty and cool so they are guaranteed to satisfy for a long time to come.

To make your design more individual you may even consider customizing it so that it is unique to you. This may involve altering the color schemes of the original design or adding surrounding imagery like trees and flowers to emulate the woodland where fairies live, particularly if you are a nature lover yourself. These can look great as larger designs on a wider canvas like the back but also make a cute accessory as a small single design on the foot. For those who want an image that is more sexy than cute, tribal designs of this type may be ideal for you. These generally come in darker colors such as purple, indigo, gray, brown and black but other colors can be added to if desired. The tribal fairy comprises of a complex combination of shapes including waves, curves and lines so it is best to use a professional tattooist with experience in this design.

The symbolism behind fairy tattoos for women is generally strong themes that appeal to women like love and strength although some designs can be linked to darker subjects like rejection and death too. It is not surprising that they are popular choices for younger women like teenage girls as it is a nice way for them to express their belief in this childhood image that they can carry with them throughout adulthood. However as well as making a pretty piece of artwork, remember this will be a permanent fixture so choose your design wisely.

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