If you are looking at female tattoo designs but need some help to find a sexy image that you can display on the body part of your choice, then here are some of the most popular locations favored by girls today. And, with so many different styles and designs to choose from you should be able to find just the right one to help you stand out from the crowd.

One of the most popular locations in recent decades was of course the lower back, however this gained rather a bad reputation as it was often referred to as a tramp stamp and has been somewhat overused over the years. However, if you want an alternative location that is still sexy but very sensual and less common too, then how back the back of the neck? In some cultures this is considered to be the most sensual point of the body. For example in Japan, Geishas would cover their faces and most of the neck with their trademark white makeup but leave a few streaky areas at the back where the skin could show through. This was considered to be highly provocative, strange as that may seem in our world today, but many still consider the back of a woman’s neck to be a very sexy part of her body.

The upper back is another great location for female tattoo designs for several reasons. Firstly it is a large area of skin for the tattooist to use as a canvas for larger more elaborate designs and secondly, it can be covered up with clothing when necessary if you need to conceal your tattoo for any reason. Moving down, the hips are a very sexy feminine location that is ideal for a small to medium tattoo image. This is a modern alternative to the lower back and just as sexy, if not more so and you could have one on each hip or just on one side if you prefer.

Small tattoos also look good on areas like the ankles and this is considered to be a very attractive location for female tattoo designs. Not only is the ankle very sexy but a carefully selected design can accentuate this natural beauty as well an enhancing your footwear. This is probably one of the biggest trends at the moment and this is definitely a hot look that is going to stay around for a while. The wrist is also popular for tiny cute designs however these are more difficult, if not impossible to conceal completely so this may not be a good idea depending on your professional occupation. The thigh on the other hand is much more suitable for covering up if your work environment frowns on body art. There is also the added sex appeal of the secrecy in having a tattoo in such an intimate place and only revealing it to those you choose to share this secret with. The side is another area that is easy to cover up and popular designs for this location include cherry blossom and dragon images but any long and rectangular design will work here.