The human body successfully accomplishes most tasks efficiently by using our anatomy but the skin we are born with is plain and decorative to represent our character. Luckily, nowadays the creativity of tattooists can do just that. Most people do not realize the sensuality of our feet, considering them only as a means to an end – mobility – but a touch of sex appeal can turn that into graceful movement. Foot tattoos for women can accentuate this appendage and also give a hint of sensuality in each step. If you have already thought about getting a design inked on your foot, make sure you do plenty of research as there are so many designs to choose from.

Remember there are no limits in either size of imagination and while the foot is best suited to a petite tattoo, the right design will in effect appear larger than life. Most tattoos can be shrunk to size or you could even crop a bit from a larger design so that it fits your foot perfectly. However a bigger design with lots of small detail will not shrink well and the detail will end up resembling an ink splatter! Alternatively, a smaller design may not provide the impact you require either.

Fortunately there are an abundance of beautiful designs available for foot tattoos for women and the admiration for these has snowballed in recent times. Try to stick with designs that are both simplistic and petite, as this will prove more cost effective too. Then try to find a custom design that says what makes a statement that sums up who you are, whether you want it to say delicate or cute, sexy or adorable or anything else. With a diverse range of designs to choose from you can be as creative as you wish.

The foot is still one of the rarer places to see a tattoo for women but this is rapidly changing as many realize the distinct impression one can make. It is essential to select an experienced tattoo artist to do the job, if you want one that will leave an impression for all the right reasons. You should also decide exactly where on the foot will have the biggest impact and then allow the artist to place it right there. Once the tattoo is complete this is just the beginning as it will need regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. Taking care of your feet and keeping them clean is also important when it comes to foot tattoos for women as this will help you avoid infections as well as retaining its luster. Foot tattoos will also improve your style as your summer sandals will look even better with it and also assist you in showing it off.  However, if you are hitting the beach don’t forget to put sunscreen on it for protection.

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