There are many reasons female body art fans opt for hip tattoos for women, not least because they are very sexy but also because they are reasonably easy to cover up or show off as you please. The hip however is where the leg bone connects to the body and as this is the protruding bony part of the femur this can be more painful than other locations as there is little tissue in that area to protect the bone from the tattooist’s needle. If you have any doubts about the pain factor involved for tattoo placement in this area then you may want to consider an alternative location. On the other hand, if you are determined to proceed then read on for some ideas and suggestions about body art for this area.

The hip does not provide a very large area for the tattooist to work on so you do not want to choose an image or design that will take up a lot of space therefore a small to medium tattoo would be the best option. However, it is worth noting that a very tiny tattoo with intricate detail will not work in this area as the ink will be more likely to run or smudge and you may end up with a tattoo that resembles a black smudge and very little else. Popular designs that are widely requested for hip tattoos for women are usually very cute and pretty images that exude sensuality and femininity. Favorites include butterflies, hearts, stars and the sun but floral designs are also popular. Roses are a favored by many woman either in vibrant colors for a more feminine look or illustrated in the style of tribal artwork in dark monochrome ink color. Exotic flowers such as the lotus flower, lily and hibiscus are also in huge demand in their natural bright colors or again depicted in tribal form in black for a more masculine approach to a predominantly female design.

There are other images that are less stereotypically feminine which have rise in popularity in recent years for hip tattoos for women and these include snakes and daggers, skull and crossbones, nautical stars and dragons. You may even want to may this tattoo more intimate by adding a lovers name next to your chosen image or avoid images all together and go for a script tattoo featuring a name or word of significance to you. These involve lettering instead of the traditional pictures and this is a very hot trend especially for tattoo designs that of this nature in a foreign language or scripts such as Sanskrit, Arabic or Hebrew. With so many different options available you are sure to find the perfect one that suits you.