There are many who have tattoos done who claim it did not hurt and while there may be a certain amount of machismo involved in this, the truth of the matter is that some placement areas really do hurt more than others. Therefore if you are looking at foot tattoos for women, you may want to know that this is actually one of the more painful areas to have inked as the surface of the feet only offer a very thin layer of skin to protect the bony area beneath. Nice floral design for a foot tattooHowever, don’t let this put you off as avoiding the outer edges and areas close to the sole of the feet will help you steer clear of the most sensitive area and any pain felt elsewhere will only last a few seconds and be much more bearable.

The feet have proved to be a popular placement area for many female body art fans in recent years and there are many different reasons for this aside from the obvious aesthetic qualities. There are many differing shapes and sizes of foot tattoos for women whether you want to use a single stand alone image placed on a small art of this appendage or what a medium design that covers most of the upper skin surface from toes to ankles. If you prefer more discrete body art, then you may even opt to have a design inked along the bottom edge of your foot so it will be rarely seen unless you choose to display it with bare feet or flip flops or show it off if desired.

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