Body art displayed on prominent placement areas used to be greatly frowned upon and believe it or not even female tattoos were treated with some stigma up until the latter part of the 20th Century. In modern times tattooing has gone so completely main stream, that there are now as many female fans as male ones, who are seeking designs on more prominent body parts. As a result, the demand for neck tattoos for women has gone through the roof and this is now deemed to be one of the most sensual and sexiest areas that a girl can display body art. The nape of the neck in particular is ideal as it is just as easy to display a design here as it is to conceal it with longer hair or clothing.

Real popular designs for the neck include butterflies, flowers, stars, hearts and even dragons. Having said that, there is absolutely no limitation to what can be tattooed on ones neck. One thing for sure though is that guys are definitely attracted to a women having a neck tattoo. Showing or concealed that is. Often a concealed tattoo can be an extreme turn on for those sensual moments when your partner is least expecting it to find a beautiful luring tattoo under your hair. Getting a tattoo behind your ear can be just as fun. From the front perspective people wouldn’t know you even had a tattoo, but get close enough behind and suddenly there is a trendy side to you that people didn’t know you had.

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