Different trees have differing meanings from culture to culture and many of these have been incorporated into the symbolism of modern body art designs such as those used for tree tattoos for women. In brief, many of these designs represent the roots of humanity and in this respect a lot of body art following this theme shows this lower section of the tree in as much detail as the trunk and branches of the upper section. Lovely tree tattoo designThese are often depicted in dark monochrome ink and range from more simplistic silhouette designs to more intricately detailed versions that incorporate different ink colors into the overall design and are suitable for small, medium and large skin surfaces.

Many of the images used in modern body art designs are derived from the natural world around us and these have been used in tattooing rituals for millennia. These include tree tattoo ideas for women, which are a highly symbolic and often spiritual choice rather than an aesthetic one. After all, trees are essential to the survival of all human life on earth as they convert the carbon monoxide in the air so we can breathe and provides us with fruit to nourish our bodies. Its branches provide us with shelter from the elements and can also be used build fires to keep us warm or wood to construct dwellings for us to live in.

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