There are certain body art images that have predominantly been more popular with either one sex or the other and these include masculine fire-breathing creatures like the mythical dragon however recent times have seen a demand for dragon tattoos for women too. Great dragon tattoo design for a womanThese may be more feminine than their male counterparts and may involve female dragons with fluttering eyelashes and wearing lipstick but cartoon-style characters are also popular in girly colors like pink or purple in contrast to more traditional western depictions in red or green. This particular image offers positive connotations of magical powers and good fortune, but also make a strong visual impact too when inked on the female torso.

The mythical dragon has formed part of the folklore and legends of cultures around the world for centuries and it is a potent symbol of power, strength, magic and good fortune that has popular with both male and female tattoo enthusiasts in recent times. These can be depicted in a variety of different styles for dragon tattoos for women in particular are a very versatile design that can be adapted to suit differing tastes and purposes. These can be illustrated in softer, girly styles in vibrant multi-colored inks or as bolder, masculine designs, in a single dark monochrome ink for those who want their chosen design with a bit of edge to express a lot of attitude.

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