There are many popular bird images used in body art designs today however while most offer positive connotations associated with flight and freedom, there are also some that are chosen simply for their aesthetic value like a swan tattoo. Nicely designed swan tattooThis particular bird is flightless and is renowned for its grace and elegance, as well as its noble stature and regal connotations – the Queen of England owns all the swans in the country – and its distinctive long neck and pure white plumage make it a very distinctive body art image. Of course, there are also rarer black swans which also make a strong visual impact when tattooed on the human skin in its natural format or in the more abstract style of tribal art.

Bird and animal designs have been used in the art of tattooing for millennia by ancient civilizations and tribes around the world, due to their affinity with the natural world around them and designs of this kind are still immensely popular today. Some individuals are drawn to these images for artistic purposes while others are attracted to the symbolism they represent and the swan tattoo is a good example of the latter. The swan is a symbol for music – think ‘swan song’ or the ballet Swan Lake – but it also signifies good luck and was deemed to possess healing properties. In nature swans mate for life so it is also popular as body art designs for couples who want an image that represents their eternal love and devotion to each other.

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