Despite the controversy that his been debated over the years, faith themed body art featuring iconic Christian images have proved to be immensely popular in recent times and cross tattoos for women are no exception. Pretty cross tattoo on girls sideThe Latin Cross in particular is ideal for those who want a very basic design that expresses their beliefs and pays homage to their religion in a very modest manner. These are greatly favored by young women in particular for discrete placement on the wrist or side of the hand, often just below the base of the thumb and from an aesthetic point of view these smaller designs are often as effective in their simplicity as their more elaborate and larger counterparts.

The ongoing demand for body art featuring tribal artwork shows no sign of ceasing and this is not only a very popular style but also a very versatile one as it can be used to transform many different images whether they are natural, fantasy or religious in context. This has proved to be a favorite design used in many cross tattoos for women, by those who want a more abstract or gothic take on this iconic theological symbol however there are many other designs that follow this theme in a variety of different depictions. Another favorite are designs that depict the cross hanging from rosary beads and these are popular for inking around the ankle and foot as well as the neck and wrist areas.

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