For anyone who is considering an unusual placement area for their next body art design, there are some body parts that provide the opportunity to incorporate certain features into the overall design. These include the naval where the belly button is used as the centre of an image such as the sun or a flower, or even the butt where the crack or hole is used to form part of an ass tattoo. tattoo on babes bumThe latter however is not in great demand due to the sensitivity of this area however many body art fans have both pictorial and text designs inked on the cheeks of their bottom, many of which are humorous in nature for obvious reasons!

There are certain body parts which are still fairly taboo when it comes to the tattooist’s needle and intimate areas like the genitals certainly come under this category as do ass tattoos which surely have to be one of the most excruciating areas to have inked. You may be wondering why anyone would put themselves through the pain of a tattoo in this very sensitive area and I have been advised that this is strictly for hardcore body art fans only. These are popular with those who also have body piercing in equally intimate areas and perhaps those who simply enjoy the kudos – no doubt among their equally unusual peers – of having a design tattooed in such a freaky location.

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