Celestial bodies from the natural world around us have been used in body art design since the dawn of time and today the images of the sun, moon and stars are among the most widely requested designs around. These include many designs for sun tattoos for women that can be depicted in a variety of different shapes, styles and sizes in plain or multi-colored ink collaborations. Very clever and simple sun tattoo designThe tribal sun has proved to be a firm favourite with many as these tend to be edgier than some of their more vibrantly colored counterparts so these are ideal for a girl with a lot of attitude who wants to avoid a more traditionally feminine adaptations of this image.

Female body art fans tend to put more thought and attention into their choice than men do as they seem to prefer images that appeal for both visual and symbolic purposes. These include sun tattoo art for women, which not only look good when inked on a woman’s body but are also rich in profound meaning, the origins of which can be traced back millennia. Ancient civilisations considered this sacred solar symbol as the source of all life and it has been revered and worshipped all over the world for centuries. The sun is deemed to represent truth and light, birth and fertility but is also associated with positive attributes such as vigor, vitality, power, force and energy.

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