Female body art enthusiasts are now seeking bigger and bolder designs than ever before on more conspicuous body parts where they can be displayed with pride at any given moment. Dragon design tattoo on ladies shoulderThese include shoulder tattoos for women which are no longer tiny stand alone images strategically placed on that particular area and are now more likely to cover a larger surface of skin, perhaps even extending onto additional body parts. There are some beautiful floral designs in bright, vibrant ink colors featuring clusters of different shaped and sized flowers that not only cover the shoulder itself but also extend further down the arm or onto the top of the back.

There are many pretty girly images that are widely used for women’s body art designs today however if you prefer less feminine artwork and want an edgy design that conveys attitude then there are some cool tribal designs that are more masculine in appearance. These have proved to be popular for larger, more elaborate shoulder tattoos for women, covering the bulk of the skin surface on and around this area in dark monochrome ink patterns. Designs of this nature tend to be more abstract in style however quite often the seemingly random shapes and patterns viewed from a distance are actually concisely positioned to form a perfect symmetry under closer inspection.

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