There has been a rise in demand in recent years among female body art fans for bigger, bolder designs in more prominent placement designs, much on par with their male counterparts, however there are still those who refer smaller, more subtle images too. These small tattoos for women are ideal for placement on more intimate parts of the body where they can be tucked away out of sight much of the time if desired however these are also proving popular on more prominent areas for those who like their tats more discrete.

Sometimes your job can also be an issue and having a smaller type tat is the answer. One that you can hide away and only display on certain events can be quite useful, especially when colleagues or other folk that you know have never seen that hidden tattoo on your shoulder for example. The other thing about a smaller tattoo is that you can place them in real sensual places on your body for only those real sexy exposure moments. A lady with a concealed tattoo under her bikini line can really get her partner hot and flustered! Ok enough said on the sexy aspect of small tattoos. Bottom line is that many times a bigger tattoo is not what many are after and one that is concealable can often have even more impact on your friends or partner.

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