There are certain female body art designs that are more than just a cool and trendy fashion accessory as images placed in certain areas can actually enhance and accentuate a woman’s body and this includes ankle tattoos for women. It is amazing how these designs can really affect the look of the entire legs so it is hardly surprising that these have proved to be one of the most popular feminine body art designs requested in recent years. Womens ankle tattoo ofrosaryWhether you are strutting your stuff in high heels or pretty ballet pumps, you won’t fail to attract attention to this area, for all the right reasons with a cool and sexy ankle tat.

There are a wide range of popular feminine images that are popular among the fairer sex when it comes to body art designs today and ankle tattoos for women are no exception. Whether you want a more elaborate shooting star design emanating from the ankle and down onto your foot or a stand alone image like a butterfly, fairy or flower, there are many different shapes and styles of design for this area. There are even designs that can be inked around the ankle for a bracelet-style effect using natural imagery like vines, leaves and flowers as well as those that emulate jewelry like a charm bracelet or even rosary beads and also more edgy tribal designs in plain monochrome ink for those who prefer a design that expresses a bit of attitude.

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