One of the most popular placement areas for female tattoo enthusiasts has to be around the mid-rift, close to the navel as this is an ideal location for both displaying and concealing a body art image as required. Designs in stomach tattoos for women may involve a single stand along image inked close to the belly button or even incorporating the navel itself into the actual design and there are also many that encompass this area in a ring or circle. Womens stomach tattoo that is quite intriguingThere are also tattoos for this location may run horizontally right across the stomach from one side to the other as well as vertical designs for placement on one side of the stomach only.

There are certain placement areas for body art design, that require careful consideration before one begins the tattooing procedure to ensure your design will have longevity and still look good in years to come. These include stomach tattoos for women as this particular area of skin is more likely to change over the years than that on other body parts as it will be prone to stretching and sagging as you grow older. This can be affected by everything from weight loss or gain to pregnancy so it is necessary to think twice about these factors before proceeding as your design could end up distorted to such an extent that it is unrecognizable to the image inked on your previous flat tummy.

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