Many female tattoo enthusiasts are still drawn to girly images that reflect our womanly attributes despite the rise in demand in recent years for what used to be predominantly male-favored images and designs. These include beautiful designs featuring natural images like flowers and butterflies as well as magical beings like those used for fairy tattoos for women, a popular choice for many who wish to evoke childhood memories of magical times when we still believed in fairy tales and happy endings. Sporting a design of this kind shows a romantic individual who has not given up on her dreams and therefore this particular image serves as a reminder that we should never stop believing and continue searching for our fairy tale ending.

It’s not often that one will see a huge body piece as just a fairy gone solo. If the tattoo is relatively large it’s generally because it has flowers or some other form alongside accompanying the fairy. In general fairy tattoos are on the medium to small side of the scale in terms of size, but in no way does this take anything away from their magic. One great thing about fairies is the possibility to really use your imagination to its fullest in both the arty side of things as well as the colors. You can really go to town with beautiful bright colors and incorporate some great contrasts if mixing it up with other designs. Some of the most impressive body arts I’ve seen are fairy designs. So ladies – get a fairy tattoo and keep the magic rolling!

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