The bottom, central area of the back has long been a favored area among female tattoo enthusiasts and these lower back tattoos for women were among the first designs to come to prominence in the nineties when the trend for body art first began to grow. Ladies lower back tattoo of heart and wingsDesigns nowadays have changed considerably and there are a variety of different shapes, sizes and colored images that look cool when inked on this placement area. From shooting stars and multiple butterflies to floral imagery and angel wings, there are so many different designs to choose from whatever your tastes and regardless of whether you want your tat too look cute, sexy or just beautiful.

Many female body art fans have long felt the allure of designs placed on the lower back so there are a multitude of designs suitable for use in lower back tattoos for women today. From cartoon characters like Little Kitty to fantasy beings like the fairy or dragon, as well as every bird and animal known to man, most of these images can be adapted for placement on this popular body part. Tribal artwork and contemporary written designs are also favored for horizontal placement across this area, in a central location or elongating all the way across from one side to the other. These are equally easy to cover up or show off at will, so this is an additional advantage for body art in this placement area.

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