While birds of prey like the hawk and eagle are particularly favored there are other body art designs such as owl tattoos for women which are less common but equally symbolic. This sacred bird has been associated with all things nocturnal and in ancient times it was deemed to be the ruler of the night and seer of lost souls. Beautiful owl tattoo on ladies chestIn ancient Egypt it was the guardian of the underworld and to the Celts and Hindis it was believed to protect their dead. It was also the symbol of Athena, the Greek Goddess of leaning so body art designs of this kind are synonymous with intellect and wisdom too.

There are many images that are widely requested for body art designs today including a multitude of different animals and birds. Among the most popular are designs for owl tattoos as this is highly symbolic and offers a variety of different meanings, most of which have very positive connotations. These include wisdom, mystery, protection, intellect and secrets as well as spiritual symbolism relating to transition and all things mystical. Native American Indian tribes also revered this bird in part due to its ability to see in the dark and considered it to be the keeper of sacred knowledge as well as having the gift of foresight.

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