There are many different styles of tribal artwork that are widely used in body art designs today and women’s Celtic tattoo designs are particularly popular. These originate from the ancient civilisation known as the Celts who lived in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, millennia ago. Celtic tattoo of butterfly for womenThey were renowned for their artistic designs which have proved to be popular throughout the centuries for use in everything from architecture, and jewellery to body art designs. These consist of intricately woven lines and spiral patterns infinitely placed to represent the never ending cycle of life and among the most popular images used in this way are female favourites like the sun, butterfly, heart and cross as well as abstract pieces ranging from knots to shield designs.

Tribal artwork is one of the most popular designs used in the modern world of tattooing and these have become a firm favourite with both male and female tattoo enthusiasts. The most widely requested designs include those used for celtic tattoos for women whether using popular images from the natural world like birds, animals and insects like the butterfly or more spiritual designs such as the Celtic cross. This is similar in shape to the traditional Latin cross associated with Christianity however it differs in that there is a circle placed at its intersection which is deemed to symbolise the circle of life and the eternal cycle of the seasons.

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