There are many natural elements that have proved popular in modern body art designs including animals, trees, flowers and leaves however one of the most versatile images of this kind has to be those used for an ivy tattoo. The ivy’s twisting vines and distinctive shaped trichome leaves have made it a favourite among many tattoo enthusiasts as it can easily be adapted into a more abstract design, such as those emulating the tribal artwork style or depicted in its natural form. ivy tattoo on ladies backThe latter often incorporate other related imagery such as flowers, butterflies and birds especially for larger designs on a wider skin surface like the thigh, ribs or back.

When it comes to selecting a body art design, some individuals are attracted to images for their aesthetic value while others are seeking imagery with some profound meaning behind them. Others however, like the ivy tattoo, actually cover both bases as this is a very popular design that can be used in many different ways for both vertical and horizontal skin surfaces as well as for popular bracelet-style designs that can be inked around an appendage like the wrist or foot. The ancient Celtic tribes people deemed the tenacious ivy plant to be a symbol of determination and spiritual growth while the Romans associated it with Bacchus the God of Wine, symbolising it with revelry and immortality.

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