There are many body art designs available today that follow a cultural theme and these are popular with those who want a tattoo that reflects their ancestral heritage and expresses some personal attribute relating to the individual. Those of Celtic origins, may be drawn to designs for Irish tattoos for women of which there are many in a multitude of different shapes, styles and sizes to suit all tastes and preferences however the lucky shamrock has to be one of the most popular images of all for a variety of different reasons. Irish tattoos for womenThis is a very distinctive image that is synonymous with Ireland and its culture that makes a strong visual impact whether illustrated as a small stand alone design or incorporated into a larger more elaborate tattoo.

The symbolic shamrock has proved to be a popular choice among female tattoo enthusiasts seeking body art that represents their country of birth, however there are many other images that can also be used for Irish tattoo designs for women. These include the spiritual Celtic cross, the beautiful claddagh design and the mischievous leprechaun, all of which offer connotations of the Emerald Isle and the Irish nation on the whole. If you want a cute design that is humorous rather than meaningful then the latter is an obvious choice however if you prefer an image with more profound symbolism then the claddagh would be my personal favourite with its distinctive two hands holding a heart with a crown on top.

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