More and more female body art fans are opting to adorn vast surfaces of their skin in elaborate and intricately detailed, multi-colored and monochrome kink body tattoos for women. These include designs such as floral imagery, in different shapes, sizes and colors, using classic flowers like the rose and lily as well as more exotic blooms like the hibiscus or orchid. Back body tattoo designOriental favourites like the peony and cherry blossom are also in wide demand and these are often incorporated with related imagery such as written designs featuring Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji. Other Asian imagery like colourful koi fish and the legendary dragon are also greatly favoured by women all over the world, from all walks of life.

There are a great many different placement areas to choose from for female tattoo enthusiasts today as body tattoo art for women has become more and more popular. These include small to medium stand alone images as well as floral and tribal pieces in both horizontal and vertical designs for specific areas like the stomach, lower back and ribs however there are also intensely detailed tattoos that extend across entire skin surfaces and onto different body parts like the arms, shoulders, chest and back. These are often vibrantly colored designs that make a bold impact when inked on the female body that resemble a work of art using the human skin as the artist’s canvas.

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