Any body art design today that is created using words or letters instead of more traditional picture images is deemed to be bang on trend so if you opt for a tat of this kind depicted in a foreign language or script, then it will have even more kudos. Arabic tattoo on woman's sideAncient written languages like Hebrew, Hindu and Sanskrit are all popular however Arabic tattoos are also in wide demand. These are often fairly simplistic in style and many individuals opting for these will use a single word or even just their name, inked using Arabic lettering and placed on a small surface of skin or body part like the side of the hand or wrist.

There has been a rise in demand in recent years for body art designs created in a foreign language or script and this is in part due to the large number of celebrities who are now sporting designs of this kind. Angelina Jolie was one of the first to bring attention to Arabic tattoos with a design on her right forearm, which is the word al-‘azeema which translates as determined or strong willed. The singer Rihanna also has an Arabic text design on her waist however hers does not translate quite as well as she chose an English phrase which relates to her religious convictions and had it written using this script.

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