The last decade has seen a considerable shift in the preferences of female body art fans that has seen many women bypass more traditional smaller tattoos discretely placed in more subtle locations and opt for larger, more prominent designs and placements instead. Pretty star tattoo on girls forearmAs a result there are now many designs for forearm tattoos for women, a location that was previously favoured more by their male counterparts. From edgy tribal artwork imagery to shooting stars and musical notes or trendy text designs, there are a multitude of tattoos to choose from whether you want to reflect a bit of attitude or enhance your feminine side with more traditionally girly favourites like the flower or butterfly.

There has been a significant rise in demand among female tattoo enthusiasts in recent years for designs placed in more prominent positions, such as forearm tattoos for women. If this placement area appeals to you then you may one to consider becoming part of what is proving to be one of the biggest trends of the moment, with an ultra cool text tattoo. These are written designs which use words and lettering in place of more traditionally requested pictorial images and there are many different styles and options available. From inspirational words and quotes to song lyrics and foreign script designs, these can be inked in small, medium and large lettering, in both vertical and horizontal positions.

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