One of the most popular tattoos in the last two decades is definitely lower back tattoos for women and there are some beautiful designs around to choose from today. The popularity in this design started growing in the nineties and was originally a mark associated with misbehaving and promiscuity among the female population. Now however it is simply a form of self expression, an intimate way to depict ones sensual nature.

Nowadays, these tattoos are very feminine and make a personal statement about the individual. They can be cute, fun and sexy, often reflecting the girl’s beliefs or mind set. There is also a certain intrigue to them as they are mostly hidden or only partially in view provoking a hint of mystery which enhances their sex appeal. These don’t just capture the eye but captivate the imagination with the secretive nature of their location. As well as being stable and attractive, lower back tattoos for women have the added bonus of keeping their shape as there is less skin to stretch in this area than on some other body parts. It is a combination of all these features that makes women opt for this particular location to demonstrate their creative and individual traits.

These tattoos are mostly symmetrical and v-shaped which is key because of the way the back slopes at this point. As a result, the tattoo needs to be centered perfectly to ensure the symmetry works. Without this, the symmetry would be out of sync and the beauty of an elegant design would be lost. This central placement also accentuates a women’s shape displaying it in a very flattering light which is why many designs are oblong shaped. An oblong follows the shape and curvature on each side of the spine giving the design additional sexiness and feminity too.

You must first decide what kind of tattoo you want to ensure the design is right for you. It must reflect who you are, both inside and out, so consider this carefully to ensure you pick the right symbol that accurately portrays who you are. Celebrate your individuality and make it unique to you.

Here are four of the most popular designs, however remember you can customize these to make them unique to you with a little creativity and imagination.

Celtic design tattoos have a deeply spiritual meaning and are chosen by many for this reason. Traditional symbols and designs can be incorporated with text woven into the Celtic knots to make them individual for you and a name or initials added can make one of these designs totally unique.

While tribal tattoos have been around for centuries, they have been popular in modern times for decades now but were originally attributed to ancient tribes. Many of these designs have been passed down over the generations and have a profound historical meaning for the tribes they represent and the mythological Gods they worshipped, with fire and scorpions among the most revered designs.

In particular, many women tend to choose a butterfly on the lower back as the vibrant colors and brilliantly detailed designs make a bold statement with elegance and beauty. Flowers are also popular as they are feminine and pretty but have many different meanings.  Water lilies for example represent a pure heart while roses are a symbol of love and daisies conjure up an image of natural innocence. The exotic Hibiscus on the other hand is a symbol of intricate beauty and delicacy.

These are just some of the most popular designs but there are no limits to the images available be it angels and fairies, serpents and dragons, birds and wings or even hearts in various forms. Anything pretty much goes and the more symmetrical the design the better lower back tattoos for women will look but make sure you opt for one that symbolizes who you are. Make sure it is feminine with an air of innocence if possible, as this will create suspense in those who catch a glimpse of it and leave them intrigued to see more.

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