The demand for female tattoo designs has gone through the roof in recent years and some of the best ones around also make a profound statement so meaningful tattoos for women are definitely the way to go if you want really cool body art. From masculine tribal patterns and barbed wire arm bands to more girly images like Betty Boop and floral designs, pretty much anything goes. However the most important aspect of any tattoo is what it says about the wearer and the personal significance it represents to them.

While there is no definitive answer to what the best tattoo designs are, it is always useful to ask around to see what is popular and currently on trend. At the end of the day though, it really should come down to one’s personal choice based on individual tastes and preference. The tattooing industry has changed greatly in recent decades and it is no longer dominated by male tattoo enthusiasts like sailors and motorcycle gangs. Nor are female body art restricted to small pretty images like dolphins or butterflies discretely placed on the ankle or other out of the way locations. In fact with the rise in demand for tattoos by both males and females, there is now such an abundance of designs and styles to choose from to suit everyone.

A woman’s body her individual canvas, a work of art in its own right so it is a huge decision to adorn it with body art as this will be a permanent fixture for the rest of her life. Therefore, it is not surprising that so much thought goes into choosing the most meaningful designs for women as it is a very personal decision for any woman. Fortunately there are such a diversity of shapes, sizes, style and designs available today regardless of whether she wants a small simplistic design or a more elaborately detailed larger tattoo.

TraditionalAmericanadesigns are one of the more popular female tattoos but Old School images and updated versions of the old-style sailor tattoos like nautical stars are also among the top favourites requested today. Floral designs also remain widely requested and while the classic rose continues to be in demand, more exotic flowers such as the Lotus flower, Orchid and Hibiscus are now highly sought after too. However oriental themed designs featuring dragons and koi fish are very hot at the moment and look visually stunning too.

Most females will spend a great deal of time looking at the various options available and while she may have some idea of she wants, she will do as much research as possible until she finds just the right one for her. There are so many cool and colourful designs to choose from that it is not difficult to find inspiration for meaningful tattoos for women. Whatever the choice, you can guarantee it will be one that is of great significance to the woman as an individual as the fairer sex tend to look for much greater symbolism in their chosen design than their male counterparts. This could be something really obvious in a design that is obviously paying homage to loved ones like a father, husband or children with names or dates next to a relevant image or one that is much more profound. There is a certain beauty in a tattoo that has a secret meaning behind it which can add value to it for the individual. The best tattoos are not just those that make an impact visually but those that have potent symbolism behind them as an expression of one’s specific character traits, beliefs or personality. However, as long as you put careful thought into your chosen design and don’t’ settle for one merely on a whim, then you are sure to have a tattoo that you can display with pride forever.