The art of tattooing has long been practiced around the world from ancient indigenous tribes in Japan with their facial tattoos to other tribal groups such as the Polynesians and those found across Asia, African, Europe and the Americas. Now they are very much part of our modern society and no longer just for gangsters, rebels and rock stars. One of the fastest growing trends in recent years has to be neck tattoos for women and if done correctly these can look both cute and sexy. Most tattoos in this location tend to be smaller designs which may be discrete but will still attract a second glance. The nape of the neck is particularly popular not least because it is so sensual but also because it can be conveniently hidden with longer hair.

Floral designs are commonly requested in this area as they are among the most feminine tattoos you can get. Flowers symbolize love, innocence and purity and make beautiful neck tattoos for women. A rose design, which signifies love, beauty, pain and sacrifice, is still a favorite with many and looks really pretty on a woman’s neck. Other popular flowers include the sunflower, magnolia, jasmine and lotus.

Another growing trend is for script tattoos particularly in a foreign language and these look good on women, although they should not be too big, bold or prominent. One of the most popular scripts of this kind is Chinese characters although Jewish and Hebrew text from the sacred text or old testament are much sought after especially for those with particular religious beliefs. Indian religious writing styles are also increasing in popularity and these are great as neck tattoos for women for those who wish to express their spirituality. While these are a cool alternative to the more commonly sought Japanese characters, it is wise to check exactly what the chosen passage or script actually means to ensure it accurately represents what you believe in.

Butterflies are also highly sought after by many females as they are pretty, feminine and elegant. The butterfly symbolizes rebirth and transformation which appeals to many women and they look amazing on the nape of a girl’s neck. Other cute designs for neck tattoos for women include Zodiac signs, angels and other symbolic images that tell a story or convey a strong personal message. These kind of tattoos are guaranteed to compel attention and how better to tantalize than with a brief glimpse of your chosen design as your hair sways sexily across your shoulders or back. However regardless of your chosen design, you need to make sure it accurately expresses your personality and character traits even if it is discretely tucked away on your neck under a mane of hair.

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