Female tattoo designs are one of the quickest growing areas in the field which is somewhat surprising when you consider attitudes in the not so distant past. It was not that long ago that tattoos evoked a very different image and there were not many pictures of tattoos for women available. In fact, the few women who dared to have a tattoo would more than likely keep it hidden from sight due to the stigma associated with tattoos in general. Fortunately these days, tattooing has become so main stream that just as many woman as men are getting tattoos. This has lead to a huge growth in the tattoo market place and as well as seeing an increase in the abundance of designs available for women, there are more female tattoo artists and tattoo parlors that cater specifically for this clientele.

TV shows such as Miami Ink are one example of how phenomenally this industry has grown. This is shown on mainstream television on an Arts and Entertainment channel which proves just how widely accepted tattooing is in our modern society. As a result, there is a great deal of money being poured into tattooing from the design to the application so tattoo artists are much better paid now for their creations.

The growth in the industry is producing a fast growing female market which is in turn changing the style of the tattoos that are being designed, especially to match the new demands. If you are a girl who is considering a tattoo, there is a great deal of choice from which to select your design. Not only is there is an immense selection in pictures of tattoos for women to choose from but there are also a variety of different locations you have it placed. A few years ago, most girls would go for a design on the lower back but here are some of the more commonly requested areas today.

A woman’s chest is a popular area as there is a great deal of space in which the tattoo artist can work if you want a larger design. This is a popular area for some of the traditional tattoos updated with a modern twist to create fun and eye-catching tattoos for girls. Hearts and bird designs, a classic tattoo from years gone by, is a prime example of this with a sacred or flaming heart and more exotic birds or other animals in place of the sparrows previously incorporated in this design. It is all about being creative and there are many options to take old fashioned designs in new directions to produce unique tattoos that look great in this area.

While the lower back tattoo has been the most popular tattoo in the last decade, partly due to the low rise jean and hipster fashions that have been in vogue, many women are now looking for something different. This has resulted in an increase in upper and in some cases designs that cover the whole back.  The female tattoo sleeve is also becoming a popular choice for women but in more feminine designs that their male counterparts incorporating fairies, butterflies, dragonflies and flowers. The male versions tend to be more skill, crossbones, dice and flame designs. Koi fish are also seen more often in modern pictures of tattoos for women and it is not surprising really as the best female tattoo designs are definitely those that mix traditional or classic designs to create an up to date and unique variation on these old favorites.