One of the fastest growing trends in recent times is shoulder tattoos for women. The shoulder is a great place to get a tattoo as there is plenty of space for the tattoo artist to work to create his artwork. Shoulder tattoos are mainly at the top of the arms and on the shoulder blades, also known as the scapula but choosing the location is as important as the design itself. The design needs to be the right shape and size, in proportion to the area it will cover so explore all your options to find the ideal one for you. Luckily there are a wide variety of differing tattoos to choose from.

From a female point of view, a shoulder tattoo can be covered up with clothing when it may be inconvenient to have it on display. If discretion is not an issue, this tattoo is a great accessory to emphasize your sexual allure particularly during the hotter months. Wearing vests, halter tops and sun dresses will all display it at its best at the beach or anywhere else you desire.

Some shoulder tattoos for women were specifically designed for the fairer sex, in particular those that are long, stretched and rectangular. Other popular favorites include flowers with vines interwoven, shooting stars, butterflies and even some tribal designs all of with a feminine influence to differentiate them from the male versions. Many women like strong feminine symbols that are full of vibrant colors and this is an important factor to many when looking for a design to go on the shoulders. Butterfly tattoos are very popular as there is great versatility in the various patterns, shapes and color, with the latter working well in monochrome too. Winged creatures are always popular with women as are fairies and angels, symbolizing purity and rebirth.

There are also some interesting tribal designs that have been given a feminine twist and this always looks good in shoulder tattoos for women. These vary considerably with numerous tribes from ancient origins to choose from. These include designs from Hawaii and Polynesia as well as the ever popular Maori body art. Some animal images also have a tribal twist for a very modern design. However, the two most common designs chosen by women must be star and flower tattoos and with many celebrities opting for these their popularity has increased tenfold.  Hollywood being synonymous with stars so many up and coming celebrities opt for this not so subtle statement referring to their status. The flower also offers many different designs and it also has various meanings as well as symbolizing femininity.  Shoulder tattoos in general are designed to complement the area and accentuate those assets so it is worth finding the best style to show it at its best.

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