The art and design used in creating side tattoos for women is fast increasing in popularity. The actual size of these designs can vary greatly depending on the width and length as well as the diffusion of details involved. It is also key to get the angle and the point of balance just right as each body is different, so placement is essential for the overall effect. While an angle may look great on one body, another may not carry it off as successfully. However, it is important to think about the pain factor with this kind of tattoo as there is a considerable amount to be endured.  This is due to the area involved, a mixture of flesh, bone and muscle, plus the thin layer of skin means this bony area will feel more pain. This will be a lengthy procedure so being propped on your side in this position may feel unnatural and uncomfortable fairly quickly. It is worth calculating if the pain and discomfort will be worth the desired result so ensure you think this through very carefully.

Once you have decided that having a side tattoo warrants the pain you will have to endure, consider also how long you can tolerate the levels of pain involved. Remember a side tattoo can involve a vast amount of work and the duration will be much more than a smaller design on another body part. This will take several sessions to complete so you should submit to as much pain as possible then stop the session when you reach your tolerance threshold. A positive mental attitude can help and meditation, soothing music playing and breathing exercises may assist you in making it through.

There are many great artistic ideas around for side tattoos for women and the possibilities are infinite possibilities. Any design with the ability to stretch like vines, flower clusters, vines and tribal patterns can be very versatile. Look around until you find one that appeals directly to you then see how the finished result may look with a temporary tattoo. Gray hues look fantastic in tribal designs and these are also a great base to add on other images. Scrolling and vine designs work particularly well with flowers, birds and butterflies added in as do other symbols such as signs of the zodiac. Ideally you should use your favorite things to form the balance point of the design then build the rest of your tattoo around it.

Aside from the pain involved, this type of tattoo can be pretty expensive so it is worth making sure you get exactly what you desire as it will be a permanent fixture on your body. Ultimately, side tattoos for women are still quite rare so don’t settle for anything mundane. Be as creative as possible and, failing which, get a friend involved to help you or find the best tattooist you can to help with your prefect tattoo. Finally, you will need comfortable clothing to wear afterwards to prevent further discomfort like chafing.

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