Anyone going for their first tattoo may find it difficult to say the least and this is probably why many females opt for small tattoos for women that are cute but discrete. Even small designs can be very girly and many are elaborately detailed particularly on areas like the wrist, ankle or foot. While some consider these a boring option this is not strictly true as the right design can be just as vibrant and eye catching while still retaining individual qualities. I began with a tiny flower on the side of my belly and gradually embellished the design with additional images as the years went by.

With tattoos continuing to grow in popularity, it is important to choose the right one for you so that in years to come you will still look at your beautiful piece of body art with pride. After all, you do not want to spend ridiculous sums of money on a tattoo removal process because you made the wrong choice. The last thing you want is to regret it a few months down the line and this is why it is often good to start out small. Here are some ideas if you need any help making up your mind.

One hot trend is the tribal tattoo so if you want to look ultra cool then these sexy but creative works of art may suit you perfectly. The symbols used in this artwork also have various meanings and the Celtic is one of the most popular as these are colorful, intricate and symbolic. The designs are made up of interlacing patters, symbols and even animal forms and while these are mostly larger designs they work well as a small tattoo to particularly on the wrist or ankle.

Women in general love flowers, and roses in particular are chosen by many as they represent many feminine attributes. These look great in color but are equally sexy just in monotone such as black or gray. This classic flower signifies timeless beauty so they are ideal designs for small tattoos for women so it is no surprise that they are among the top choice of flowers requested.

One of the most commonly requested designs by women has to be the butterfly as it symbolizes transformation, beauty, happiness, rebirth and even a new life as well as conjuring images of other feminine characteristics like softness and fragility. A butterfly’s wings come in a multitude of bright and vivid colors which add to its beautiful shape and this is also a very flexible design. This sexy tattoo can also be customized easily for a more unique tattoo depending on the individual’s preference and taste. There are a multitude of designs to choose from too, so you may find it hard to make up your mind.

Star tattoos are in the top five of tattoo designs and are popular with both men and women, as they can look equally sexy on either. The star symbolizes success, destiny, reaching one’s fate and accomplishment and the nautical star is one of the most popular as are shooting stars of course of even star and moon designs.

Since the dawn of time, love has been a driving force for mankind and therefore it is no surprise that the heart is one of the most internationally recognized symbols. Not only do these make fashionable tattoos but they are also a creative way to demonstrate your love for another. These look great on their own or as part of a bigger design and this is a really sexy tattoo that appeals to many in their body art.

Careful consideration is required before you take that final step and have some body art inked on your skin so ensure you have a vast collection of quality tattoo designs to select from. Getting a run of the mill design from a regular tattoo parlor may be something you later regret so it is worth exploring all the options before deciding, even with small tattoos for woman. If you got it wrong this would be a waste of your time and money plus think how frustrated you would feel looking day in day out at a design you grow to detest. A key point to remember is to stick to something that has a personal meaning for you or one that makes a statement that suits your style and character as well as suiting the skin on which it will be placed.  Find a good tattooist and get to know him better, particularly one who has been recommended by friends.

Getting a tattoo is something that you need to think of really carefully before putting that ink on your body. Make sure you getting a great tattoo collections to choose from instead of just getting some regular tattoo in the tattoo shops because you might regret it later. Not only wasting you time, money but it’s frustrated to see that same tattoo that you don’t like rest of your life even though tattoo removal is an option but don’t think about it. Think, does the tattoo you’re getting fit your body, your style, your personality?