There are many different aspects to sun tattoos for women and this design is not just about finding an image of the sun and using it as body art. The sun is a very symbolic image and as a result there are a great many designs around which between them cover all the different qualities this celestial body conveys. Characteristics of the sun include light, heat and energy and you should decide if your tattoo will reflect some or all of these attributes. The effects would certainly vary depending on whether you choose a simplistic design using a basic outline in a single ink color or prefer to go for a multi-colored more elaborate creation.

The sun has been worshipped since ancient times but different cultures had alternative meanings for what is represented. Therefore, it is worth looking at the differing symbolisms reflected in various designs to find one that adequately expresses the meaning you want to convey. Here are some different meanings that can be represented in sun tattoos for women to help you make up your mind.

One of the most significant, albeit rather obvious is truth and light however other admirable traits like courage, dignity and knowledge are also symbolized by the sun. It is also a symbol of fertility as ancient civilizations believed that the sun was responsible for birth and harvest, so in this respect it is also synonymous with reincarnation and rebirth. In nature the sun radiates energy for the plants to grow and is therefore a source of life so it can be representative of healing power too. The heat of the sun may signify passion so it would be suitable as a tattoo for someone with such a zest for life. Tattoos of this nature done in the style of tribal art work may be considered to protect the wearer from danger and negative forces in their everyday life. It was also a sacred symbol of worship to many ancient tribes and civilizations all over the globe.  However, if used in combination wit the image of the moon, this is believed to symbolize the union of male and female, in a bond that is both sexual and spiritual.

There is no right or wrong view to this particular design and it is a very popular design in the tattooing market today. It is also a very versatile design that can be customized to suit the individual who may want to use this as a basic blue print that they can then embellish to suit their own personal tastes and preferences. However, you should still have a clear idea of exactly what meaning you want your tattoo to express then ensure your chosen design gets this message across. While designing your own versions of sun tattoos for women may be a time consuming, even frustrating experience, help is at hand if you need it thanks to many online websites and galleries. It may be worth investing in one that requires a fee to sign up as you will have access to a wealth of information to assist you with your research. Not only will you have access to high quality and unique designs but you will be able to join in forums with experienced tattooists as well as fellow tattoo enthusiasts who will be happy to help. This will also give you information on how to find the most quality tattoo parlors in your area, after all your chosen design will be nothing without the artistic skills of an experienced tattooist to implement it. That way you will be sure to have a tattoo that outshines any others, one that you can display with pride forever.