Female tattoos should represent the individual’s feminine beauty and natural sexiness in a subtle manner, as most women choose a tattoo that is significant to their personality and character traits. It is best therefore to take time to study the immense volume of tattoo designs for women that are available from which to select the ideal one for you. Whatever design she decides upon, she should remember that it will be with her for life so it is important to get it right and go for a tat that signifies something that is truly meaningful to her on a personal level. Let’s take a look at some of the most common tattoo designs favored by women today.

Flower designs are symbolic, as they are a beautiful gift from nature so they are often chosen by women due to their aesthetics as well as the deeper meaning they invoke. Popular designs that women end up with on their skin include exotic or oriental flowers like lotus or lilies as well as traditional favorites such as roses or cherry blossom. Tropical flowers like Hawaii’s hibiscus, orchids or plumeria are also growing in popularity.  All women love butterflies too, due to the colors and shape as well as the more profound symbolism of new life, transformation and change that they represent. They are also very pretty and feminine so this is a popular classic found on many women.

One of the oldest albeit very simple tattoo designs for women incorporates a star or stars. These can be inked on any body part as a small design on its own or as part of a larger work of art, particularly shooting stars which are always a popular choice. Not only do they look good but they conjure up a magical image that adds interest too. Sticking with the more mystical elements, fairies and angels are very often rendered on a woman’s skin symbolizing freedom and divine power, magic and fantasy, not to mention the allure of their exquisite design. While fairies can indicate a touch of naughtiness, angels are considered to be guardians that protect us so many women like that idea when they choose to have one tattooed on their skin. Angel wings are also commonly found on women, perhaps symbolizing their desire to take flight and fly away.

While men tend to go for wild beasts, animal tattoo designs for women tend to be more tame and friendly such as birds and dolphins or lady bugs and dragonflies. Swallows and sparrows are favorite bird choices among women, while colorful fish and graceful dolphins are always a big hit too. Insects may not seem like the ideal choice for women but the shapes and colors as well as the deeper meaning associated with this significant creature, make the dragonfly one of the top female designs requested. Favorite body parts for a women to have her tattoo, varies depending on the size and shape she intends to have. For small and simplistic designs, the ankle, foot or wrist is a popular location while more detailed designs may be found on the lower stomach, shoulder blades, back and rib cage.

When it comes to locations of tattoos, there are also top favorites among women depending on their design of choice. For small and simple tat, the foot, ankle and wrist are favorite locations. For intricate and detailed tattoo designs, the rib cage, back, shoulder blade and lower stomach are the choice tattoo locations for women.