It is an established fact that beautiful women can turn heads wherever she goes, however nothing gets a guy going quite like a sexy women sporting a sensual tattoo. There are some great tattoo ideas for women around so if you are considering some body art to increase your sex appeal here are some of the hottest designs around which are guaranteed to look cool and sexy on most females.

Ankles have grown in popularity as a tattoo location over the past decade, either directly on the ankle or positioned close to it. Fairy designs are popular in this area and these can be cute and enticing, fun and sexy, but certainly never safe and boring. There are some really pretty and eye catching designs of this nature that work well along the curves of a girl’s lower leg. If this idea appeals to you personally and you can display it with confidence then this will heighten its seductive qualities for any man who happens to catch a glimpse of it. Angels are also another favorite when it comes to tattoo ideas for women, particularly on the back area. These can be hot and sleek images complete with wings that take up the entire upper back area or smaller more discrete designs on the lower back that may peek out seductively from above your waist line. Designs of this type come in a multitude of styles from cute and delicate cherubs, to sexy cartoon-like images right through to the ultimate in sexy tattoos, the dark angel.

Sticking on a darker note, dragons may be not be specifically girly designs, however they are a popular choice with many women and make a very sexy tattoo. This is partly due to their exotic design but also the symbolism behind this mighty creature, with connotations of danger, power and invincibility, making it a very hot and sexy tattoo to behold on female skin.  There are other animals that are frequently used for tattoo ideas for women such as big cats like the tiger or lion. These images also have certain elements of risk and danger about them which can say a lot about the strong powerful women who is bold enough to sport such a design.

However, sometimes a tattoo can have a stronger impact if there is an air of mystery behind the symbolism particularly if the meaning is not obvious at first glance. Anything in a foreign script could come under this category such as Japanese Kanjii, Chinese symbols and text in languages like Hebrew or Hindu. These look very sexy on different parts of the female body on both large and small designs on areas such as the lower back, arms or legs. These have a seductive quality to them due to their elusive symbolism but also make bold, prominent designs that are guaranteed to attract attention better than any outfit of clothing or jeweled accessory.