In a not so distant time, tattoos for women were very much frowned upon and were definitely not socially acceptable in most circles. Tattoos have generally been associated with men and even then there were still some negative connotations around them. Fortunately times have changed and so has modern society’s view of tattoos as they are now worn by many as a statement to express themselves all be it their beliefs, character traits or simply as a fashion accessory. As a result tattoos among women are no longer taboo and with a growing number of female celebrities sporting them too they really are bang on trend. Even highly visible designs are widely accepted and this allows many women to shown of their naughty side or just as an assertion of their confidence.

More and more younger women are now getting tattoos too as they believe a sensual tattoo will not only allow them to express themselves but will increase their sexuality too. Certain parts of the body can be more sexy than others for the placement of a tattoo as this can enhance a woman’s sex appeal if strategically placed in a tantalizing position. Many designs are created with the female body in mind with vivid colouring and elaborate detailing to highlight womanly curves. A popular location for tattoos for women is the spot on the lower portion of the back just above her bottom as this gives her the option to conceal it if necessary and to display a flash or the whole design as she desires. This is ideal for anyone who has to adhere to professional guidelines that deem tattoos in the workplace to be unsuitable. Alternatively if you are going out on the town with the girls for the night, suitably cropped clothing will allow you to display your sexy lower back tattoo with pride.

Feet are another area that is popular for women’s tattoos and as a result there are a multitude of cool and pretty designs available to choose from. The size and is entirely down to your personal preference whether you choose something small and simple or larger and detailed. A common favourite in tattoos for women is the tiny wrist tattoo as this is small and discrete enough to cover with jewelry like a watch or bangles. The neck is also popular although this can be more difficult to conceal while other popular areas women choose are the bottom, breast, legs and arms. With many online websites featuring galleries with thousands of tattoos to choose from there are plenty of opportunities to find one that suits you. Any of these various ideas can be customized to make it more personal to you also so it is not surprising that so many see it as a fashion statement that enhances their sensuality. Women love tattoos and a good quality tattoo really can enhance her beauty and give her added sex appeal.