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Tree Tattoos For Women

While they may not be as popular as floral designs, tree tattoos for women make an interesting alternative, this particular symbol is rich in both cultural and historical significance. Trees have been the focal point of many myths and legends from the cherry tree and its blossoms in Japan to Norse and Celtic folklore in Europe. Many Asian and African cultures tell tales of men hung from trees like fruit then plucked from the branches and brought back to life. The revered Buddha himself found enlightenment under a tree, after a long meditative state in the shade of the Bodhi Tree also known as the tree of life. The tree is a powerful symbol that represents all major aspects of life and provides us with an accurate reminder of the changing seasons and the cycle of Mother Earth. From rebirth and renewal, Spring through to Winter, the tree is a stark reminder of life’s ongoing cycle with the buds and growth, warmth and fertility of the warmer months through to the barren, cold deathlike months of the colder seasons.

If you are looking at designs in tree tattoos for women that are highly spiritual then the sacred Yggdrasil makes for quite unique body art. This was a massive ash tree which stood at the centre of the universe and according to Norse beliefs its branches hung over the Nine Worlds while its roots led upwards to the world of the gods. The great Odin was believed to have hung from one of the Yggdrasil’s branches for nine days in order to die and embark on a journey from the land of men to world off the dead. As a result, he returned triumphantly with the Magic Runes and the wisdom of the dead. The Yggdrasil itself is believed to be invincible and mythology states that it will survive the end of the world when its branches will lead those sheltering within it to start a new one.

There are many other legends throughout history associated with symbolic trees and the Celts in particular had a great reverence for trees believing them to be mankind’s ancient ancestors. Celtic tradition dictated that trees were living beings with spirits of their own and Shamans as well as Druids closely associated them with the supernatural and spirit world. As well as being an ancient symbol of wisdom, trees provided the entrance to the realm of the gods and also provided the alphabet and calendars to these ancient civilizations. Therefore tree tattoos for women also have strong connotations of a spiritual nature, as many saw them as the gateway to other worlds, a link between the living and the dead, providing a powerful connection with our spiritual ancestors. Celtic artwork frequently showed the tree’s roots and branches intertwined as a representation of this close link between the human and spirit realms. This powerful symbol is still regularly used in many modern tattoo designs and symbolizes the connection of the conscious and unconscious world around us, interconnecting all life as one.

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