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Upper Back Tattoos For Women

One of the best canvases for a tattoo artist to create his magic has to be the upper back area. So what is it about upper back tattoos for women that make them so popular? These vary in size from small, simple symbols to larger more extensively detailed images and can be extended to form part of a bigger tattoo later on or stay as they are standing alone. This area of the body is also predominantly covered up by women so there won’t be any issues in the workplace about having a tattoo on display either. However, if you are the kind of girl who’s social life may desire more formal attire, bare in mind how your tattoo may appear in a backless gown. As a small tasteful design discretely placed this may actually enhance your outfit, however a more elaborate larger design may look out of place, although social prejudice against such things is on the decrease in recent years. In fact, in some more casual environments like the beach or poolside, this will be greatly admired as well as considered acceptable.

It is important to have a lengthy conversation with your chosen tattoo artist before proceeding with upper back tattoos for women as it is vital to get the placement exactly right. This is especially apt if you are considering extending the original design and incorporating into a bigger tattoo at a later date. However, you also need to make sure the design looks right on its own as any oddly positioned design with stand out for all the wrong reasons. If you spend a lot of time without your shirt on with your back exposed to the sun, you will need to use a high factor sunscreen to protect your design and prevent it form fading. Exposure to the sun is a well known factor of fading in tattoos and while it may fade lightly over time anyway you certainly don’t want to speed up the process through neglect.

There is one specific positive in upper back tattoos for women and that is that they are much less likely to get infected than tattoos placed in other locations, although you will still need to follow some basic after care instructions. These include allowing the air to get at it so that it dries effectively and this may affect the time of year you choose to get tattooed. After all, it is easier to be topless in the summer than to have to expose the air to your bare back in the middle of winter. Many celebrities have chosen tattoos on the upper back to make a statement about something close to their hearts including David Beckham, Nicholas Cage, Laura Headley and Spice girl Mel C. Whatever the reason behind your chosen tattoos there are a multitude of galleries around with some wonderful designs to select from. Regardless of whether you want one that is small and simple, or intricately detailed you are sure to be able to find the ideal one for you.

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